Dealing With Dog Stress When Travelling

There are many situations that could spell stress to your pet dog, but the most common causes of stress or discomfort could be attributed to travelling. You could imagine your dog like a little kid (or probably even an adult) experiencing motion sickness while in a moving car. What actually causes them to experience stress when travelling is the fact that they have been just prior to boarding.

The good about it though is stress among dogs can be minimized, if not avoided.

Whether it is long or short drive, it is best to make sure that your dog is able to handle the travel without feeling any discomfort. A feeding schedule is advised when taking your dog while you travel. Normally, if it’s a short drive, which is around 30 minutes to less than an hour, it is better to just feed your dog once you have reached your target destination. If it’s going to be a long drive that would last more than an hour to a couple of hours or so, it is better to feed him at least 6 hours before travel time. Just make sure that you give him a walk and make him do his “thing” before boarding time.

If you will be doing the driving yourself, it is best to have someone sit beside your dog during the travel, preferably someone your dog is already familiar and comfortable with. That way, should the car have to pass on a lot of bumps on the road, there is someone who can keep your dog in place and make him feel safe during the travel.

By the way, dogs feel at ease when they sit beside the car window, especially if it’s open. They’re like little kids. They tend to stay put most of the time when they see what’s on the road. Just make sure that the windows are not too wide open for them to put their head out.