5 Travel Sleeping Tips

Sleeping when you’re traveling can be hard even for people that normally don’t have trouble sleeping. When you’re traveling and you’re in unfamiliar surroundings and your normal routine is off it can be hard to get the rest that you need.

Here are 5 easy travel sleeping tips that can help you sleep great even when you’re traveling.

1. Try to stick to your normal bedtime – If it’s at all possible to get to bed around the time that you normally go to bed at home you should do it. Even though you might be tempted to stay up later if you are on vacation you should make every effort to go to bed at the same time you normally do because the more you can stick to your normal routine the more sleep you will get.

2. Bring a white noise machine with you – There are always lots of unfamiliar noises that you have to deal with then you’re traveling. Whether you’re in a hotel or staying at someone’s home the room will be unfamiliar to you and the strange sounds and background noises can really make it hard for you to sleep. Pack a small white noise machine with you and plug it in at night to help reduce the effect of those strange nighttime noises.

3. Pack a “travel sleep kit” – If you normally have trouble sleeping and you know that you will have trouble sleeping when you’re traveling you can pack a “travel sleep kit” that has items to help you solve common problems that keep people from sleeping when traveling. In your kit pack items like pain relievers, a sleeping mask to block out light, ear plugs, hypoallergenic pillow covers, and some relaxing herbal teas that will help you sleep.

4. Pack a night light – Ok, so you probably haven’t slept with a night light since you were a child but if you’re sleeping in an unfamiliar room and you don’t know where the bathroom is or where the lights are in the room is can be disorienting, so pack a small travel clock and night light so that you will always know what time it is and you will be able to make out features of the room like doors and light switches without having to leave an overhead light on.

5. Take naps- If all else fails and you are just not able to rest well in your room at night when you’re traveling then compensate by taking naps during the day. A 30 minute nap can do wonders for you.